For sale – Does/Doelings

Herd reduction sale! I retained too many babies this year so having to make some hard cuts. I will give preference to those wanting to purchase multiples, as goats do much better transitioning to a new herd with a friend. Pictures of the does can be found on my doe pages. 

I do also have lots of babies available! Born late March/early April. See our FB page for pictures and more info, or feel free to message me. Wethers are 200, doelings start at 500 and go up.  

Lil Journey Farm Koko – stunning gold and white blue eyed doe, sweet as can be, easy keeper. LA score of 90, E udder, as a 2F. Exposed to Winning Streak Elrond *B for late June/early July so possibly bred. $1,000

Silver Maple H Serendipity – black white extensive moon spots, blue eyes. She’s shy. Exposed to Winning Streak Elrond *B for late June/early July. Had to treat with zinc for flaky skin twice before. $800

Flat Rocks Adamantium OR Silver Surfer – haven’t decided which I’m keeping yet. Both are easy keepers and I’ve retained daughters from both of them which is the only reason they would be going. Both exposed to Winning Streak Elrond *B for June/July. $1000

Staurolite – 4 year old chocolate and white doe available. Shy. Gorgeous gorgeous udder. Low maintenance and easy kidder, great mama. Wouldn’t be selling if I didn’t need to cut numbers and I retained her daughter. $500 Exposed to a buck so may be bred (Winning Streak Elrond *B)

Rarity – this is one stunning doe. She is a 2 year old, FF. On the shy side. Kidded once easily and was a great mama. $600 Exposed to a buck so may be bred (Winning Streak Elrond *B)

Ava is the sweetest, most laid back girl ever. We adore her. She is ten years old, and has another kidding or two left in her before retirement. If you are looking to improve your herd in dairyness, teat size, attachments, and depth of body, this girl can help you. Only available to the perfect home, this girl is one of my heart goats. $400 (priced accordingly since she is an aged doe)