For sale – Does/Doelings

Herd reduction sale! I retained too many babies this year so having to make some hard cuts. I will give preference to those wanting to purchase multiples, as goats do much better transitioning to a new herd with a friend. 

Fun Dip  3 year old doe. – Super nice little doe. Buckskin with blue eyes. Kidded once with twins, a great mama. $700

Ophelia 3 year old doe – gold and white with moon spots $500. Shy. Kidded twice, twins both times. Great mama. 



Valkyrie (barn name Leia) 3 year old doe – black roaned with blue eyes – $600 super friendly doe, kidded twice with twins, then quads; great mama. gorgeous udder.


Chicory – 3 year old doe – chamoisee with white, polled, blue eyes, moon spots – $500 She’s shy. Had triplets two times, easy deliveries and great mama, throws super flashy babies. Udder is not show quality. Preference given to someone to take her with her daughter, listed below. DEPOSIT RECEIVED, PPU

Chicory’s daughter. 3 months old. Chocolate chamoisee with white, polled, blue eyes, moon spots. Shy. $500. DEPOSIT RECEIVED, PPU

Hot Cocoa – yearling on the small side – chocolate and white with blue eyes. Has horns. Shy. $400

Mistletoe – yearling on the small side- black and white with moon spots, blue eyes – Not in your lap but friendly enough $500

Pinkie Pie – 6 month old doeling, big enough to breed this fall – chocolate with white, probably has a few moon spots in there – shy. She is stunning. If you are looking to show or LA, she will be amazing. $500 (priced accordingly as she is shy)