Welcome to the registration site for Silver Maple Farm Goats goat snuggle and goat yoga events.  Proceeds from these events go towards care for the goats and to help build new pasture shelters and put in new fencing, so thank you SO much for your support! We so appreciate you! Tickets are $30/person, under 2 is free for snuggles. Yoga tickets are $40/person. We keep the sessions small and personal, with only 20 people per session. Some folks find it easier to sign up via our Calendar tab as that is more apparent as to which dates/times are available (located on the top of this website). Also: we are a working farm and only open to the public on specified goat snuggle and yoga days. Registration is required, we do not accept walk-ins!  A few items to note: if you want to snuggle the littlest baby goats, please do not wear any perfume or strong smelling lotion.  Our mama goats are very sensitive to smell and we don’t want them rejecting their babies from them smelling ‘human’.  Our goats are super friendly and inquisitive – one of the ways they check things out is by nibbling. We recommend not wearing any dangling earrings or necklaces, etc.  We also ask that no one chase after the goats – they are very friendly and will come up to you, but if chased their instinct is to run, so please no running around in the goat snuggle/yoga area.  Events will be held rain or shine; we will be inside our gorgeous restored 1800s bank barn.  Shoes such as boots or tennis shoes are recommended.  We are located in Berryville VA, an easy (and gorgeous!) drive from the NoVa/DC area.  We do have goat milk items for sale from time to time, depending on what we can keep in stock. This usually includes our homemade goat milk fudge, soap, and body butter, as well as a variety of goat items.  We suggest checking out our adorable town of Berryville VA for lunch/dinner and shopping.  Please contact us with any questions at   **** PLEASE NOTE*** After you enter your name and email address, the system should give you an option to continue on to pay. PLEASE do so (unless you have already pre-paid) as my system will not actually consider the spots ‘taken’ until payment clears.  Thank you!!! ****Please ALSO know that the system will generate a payment confirmation email which has your date and time for you to refer to as a reminder – sometimes this gets kicked to people’s junk mail, so please be sure you find this to refer back to.***